First encounter

My heart is beating fast
In just a moment
My eyes will set on you
And my life will change

There you are
Walking down the street
A smile on your fine face
My heart is beating fast

Our eyes meet
Our cheeks meet
A few words are exchanged
Magic is happening

How beautiful you are
And graceful too
This can’t be true
Am I dreaming ?

I want to hold you tight
But this is too soon
The lunch is wonderful
Our hearts are beating fast

Our hands finally meet
Tears in our eyes
Emotions and feelings
So real…

My lips want to meet yours
We kiss for the first time
A kiss which seals our love
For ever?

First night

The sound of leaves bristling in the wind,
A motor car revving in the distance,
The sound of steps in the nearby field,
The fear of being discovered.

Two lovers lost in a dream of happiness,
Holding each other tight,
Is this real or virtual?
Two beings in complete harmony.

Sensations are exquisite,
Lost feelings suddenly rushing back,
Freed from a long penitence,
Like bubbles in a Champagne glass.

Unknown feelings for each other,
Is this love or something else,
Only friendship or just respect?
They love each other…  a little bit…  They decided.