1000 years


Take me to Venus, take me to Mars
Take me to the most remote planet in the universe
May the journey be the longest possible
1000 years or more

Together alone in this space rocket
We would look out the window
And admire the infinity before our eyes
As endless as the love between us

The journey would be delightful
Full of love, smiles, and tenderness
We would kiss and make love
As many times as there are stars in the sky

Take me away baby
Let me hold you, let me kiss you
Wherever we go
I love you for a thousand years

Missing you

Missing you is like
Being short of breath
Both quite painful and

Missing you gives me
A smile on my face
Makes my heart beat fast
Brings tears to my eyes

Missing you makes me
Dream of happy times
Past and future too
Makes my hands tremble

Missing you sometimes 
Hurts so much inside
That I wish you were
Present by my side

Missing you can turn
Into ecstasy
And intense pleasure
When we finally
See each other

For all these reasons
I want to very much
Keep missing you for
As long as you love me

Love journey

Our love is our journey
No final destination
Our only aim should be
Desire, lust and passion

We’ll travel to every town
And make love in all the parks
From L.A to Manhattan
In daytime or when it’s dark

I want to taste your body
On top of a high mountain
On a white beach by the sea
Or lyin’ on an open plain

We would look up holding hands
Until darkness fills the sky
With millions of tiny stars
Visit them all we would try

Our love is our journey
No final destination
But does it matter really
As long as we are as one