Love journey

Our love is our journey
No final destination
Our only aim should be
Desire, lust and passion

We’ll travel to every town
And make love in all the parks
From L.A to Manhattan
In daytime or when it’s dark

I want to taste your body
On top of a high mountain
On a white beach by the sea
Or lyin’ on an open plain

We would look up holding hands
Until darkness fills the sky
With millions of tiny stars
Visit them all we would try

Our love is our journey
No final destination
But does it matter really
As long as we are as one


Where did my mind take me last night?
Fantasies of you and I like a flash
Or was it only you and I?

A kind of minty scent
Dimmed lights and soft material
Black lingerie covering your skin

We are not alone
Strangers’ eyes peering at us
I can see you kiss some lips – not mine

The taste of fruity chapstick – not yours
Shared desires for forbidden pleasures
The subtle aspiration for freedom

The dream is so vivid
My mind can’t have made it all up
Reality and imagination mingled

I woke up, startled
Memories and dreams all tangled up
Was this just a fantasy
Or the memory of a shared sensual experience?