It’s ok to cry baby

I know how sad you are today
Let me hug you baby with all my tenderness
Two years ago today your daddy said farewell
You miss him greatly

Close your eyes my darling
You will feel his love and his strength
From his resting place he’s smiling at you
As he must be so proud of you

I never had the chance to meet him
But I know how wonderful you are
Sweet, loving and tender
Surely he must have been just the same

It’s ok to cry baby
Shed as many tears as you feel like
Because these are loving tears
And you love your daddy so much

1000 years


Take me to Venus, take me to Mars
Take me to the most remote planet in the universe
May the journey be the longest possible
1000 years or more

Together alone in this space rocket
We would look out the window
And admire the infinity before our eyes
As endless as the love between us

The journey would be delightful
Full of love, smiles, and tenderness
We would kiss and make love
As many times as there are stars in the sky

Take me away baby
Let me hold you, let me kiss you
Wherever we go
I love you for a thousand years